Text Alert System

To offer fast and direct, one-way communication when there is inclement weather or other emergencies, we have implemented a new text alert system.

If the club will be closed temporarily for snow/ice, we will send out a text telling you that the club will be closed until a set time and all reservations will be automatically canceled and account credit provided, if applicable.

The below, test text was sent yesterday (Friday, January 5th at approx. 1:15pm).

If you did not receive the test text from M.P.C. it is likely that you will need to opt-in to receive texts.

Please follow the directions below to opt- in!

  • Only you are able to opt-in & activate texts in your account.  M.P.C. staff members do NOT have the ability to do this on your behalf.
  • This text message system is not monitored.  It is only a one-way communication, alert system.  Do not reply to these messages-responses will not be received by M.P.C. staff.
  • For questions, contact:  Info@MoPickleballClub.

Text opt-in via Court Reserve app:

In recent weeks, you may have noticed that when you logged into your Court Reserve app, you received a text opt-in as shown below. 

If you chose to opt-out at that time, or if you didn’t receive that opt-in, we are providing the steps to show you how to update your settings to receive the text alerts.

On your Court Reserve app:

On CourtReserve.com
(web browser):