Courts Reservation

Courts Reservation:
Pricing Per Hour

$16 for Week Day hours (7:00am to 5pm, Mondays – Fridays)

$24 for Prime Time hours (5:00pm to 10pm, Mondays – Fridays)

$24 for Weekend hours (7:00am to 10:00pm, Saturdays & Sundays)

$5 to add a ball machine to court rental (all hours)

Other Things You Should Know

24-Hour Cancellation Policy:

All reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the reservation.

We ask that members cancel their reservation 24 hours before the reservation start time to avoid being charged. 

Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance of the reservation will not be charged, or will be provided account credit.  No refunds provided. 

Guests & Visitors: A guest with a member will be subject to a $10 fee. A visitor without a member must call us at 636-496-7051 to request a special pass; subject to a fee.

Hours of Operation:

7am – 10pm 7 days a week*

*We are open every day with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Kids under 16 years old play for free under their parent membership.